Diving adventures can bring you close to large manta rays, spinner dolphins or even whale sharks.
Dive with Kona's finest. Diving the Big Island of Hawaii since 1984.
Manta and Dive Charters daily.

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74-5467 Kaiwi Street, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
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Photos courtesy Aquatic Life Divers
AQUATIC LIFE DIVERS - Scuba Diving, Snorkel, Coral Conservation

Join us on an epic adventure diving into the depths of the ocean and
experiencing the unique wildlife off the Island of Hawai’i! Aquatic Life
Divers is dedicated to educating people about the health and well-being
of our coral and ocean ecosystem. A portion of our profits go towards
funding citizen-science reef surveying programs to better understand
coral species and how we can take action to better protect it.

SCUBA DIVING - Go beyond scuba diving! Enhance your connection to
the ocean through adventure and education with our knowledgeable
crew members. Each charter includes educational briefings about the
local coral reef ecology. We have over 40 dive sites to choose from and
do our best to chose sites based on your interests. We schedule up to 6
divers to one Divemaster, so each trip feels private and personal.

SNORKELING - Kona has a residential population of Hawaiian Spinner
Dolphins that frequently come close to shore. You can also find
Humpback Whales during the months of December to March and
occasionally we see whales sharks, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales and
other amazing animals.

DIVE INTO THE NIGHT - Explore the beautiful Hawaiian reefs at night
with many options to choose from. We offer a Manta Ray Night Dive or a
1 tank Night Reef Dive. Advanced divers can join our Blackwater Dive,
an experience of a lifetime!

BLACKWATER DIVING - Experience the most unique and unusual dive
the Big Island has to offer! Taking place at night and over the open
ocean, you will have the opportunity to observe pelagic and otherwise
unseen creatures that only migrate to the ocean surface when night falls.

SUNSET CRUISE - Come and enjoy a beautiful Sunset Cruise! Some of
the best Sunsets in the world are in Hawaii! Bring your cameras for
some unforgettable pictures for your photo albums! Pictured are our two
brand new custom-designed catamarans!

PRIVATE CHARTER - Want to customize your experience on the water?
We have twin 32ft Armstrong Catamarans custom built in 2018 with a
COI of 14 passengers. Whether you want to scuba dive, snorkel with
wild life or explore the coast line, we can accommodate all your groups

74-380 Kealakehe Parkway,
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740

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74-380 Kealakehe Parkway, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

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Manta photo courtesy Kona Ocean Adventures
At Kona Ocean Adventures, we are not just another tour, we are a
true adventure at every turn! You’ll feel like you’re on the boat with
good friends who happen to be coast guard licensed captains and local
expert guides with over 30 years of experience navigating the Hawaiian
waters! They are passionate about what they do and love the ocean.
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Majestic Manta Rays Snorkel/ 1-Tank Scuba Dive Adventure
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Visit Our Shop in Kopiko Plaza
75-5660 Kopiko St., Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

KONA SHORE DIVERS - Our goal is to give you the opportunity to
share and explore the underwater world in and around the near shore
waters of Kailua-Kona. We focus on small group sizes and strive to offer
the best personalized service possible to our guests. From the first timer
to the old timer come with us and see what the Kona Shore has to offer!
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