Each winter there's an increase in visitors to the islands, Humpback whales, the State of
Hawaii's official marine mammal. From as early as September until as late as May,
humpback whales can be seen in the near-shore waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands.

A whale watching cruise can be an awe-inspiring experience from the water. Mothers can
be seen teaching their calves to breach, and males can be seen competing with one
another in fierce head-to-head battles. The underwater vocal stylings of male humpback
whales can even be heard by divers, snorkelers and boaters. The thrill of such encounters
has fostered a strong love of humpbacks in the islands.
Humpback Whales
Nothing beats the tranquility of a Kona sunset
cruise, watching the sun set while sailing along the
Kona coast. Relax with a balmy breeze filling the
sails, a friendly group around you, and a drink in
hand for a smooth voyage aboard our comfortable
sailing catamaran.

We offer Kona snorkeling tours for families and
groups who prefer to avoid the big boat crowds
and have a boat to themselves. Our Kona
snorkeling tours offer snorkeling, dolphin watching,
whale watching, sailing lessons, or any
combination that suits our guests.

Have our beautiful sailing catamaran to yourself.
Where to go and what to do is completely up to

(808) 883-0399

A sailing charter on the Big Island for those who want to REALLY SAIL. Relaxing hands-on
sailing with a small number of passengers, PLENTY OF SHADE, nice clean toilet facilities,
ample seating, tables with drink holders and the roominess, stability and speed of the BIG
ISLAND'S NEWEST 36' SAILING CATAMARAN.  Our family owned and operated business
offers the PERSONAL SERVICE only a small business can, a hands-on sailing experience to
anyone interested and the comfort of catamaran sailing without the big boat crowds.
Captains Eric & Yumi Wakely

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